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Latest fitness motivation video is now LIVE. This one is a little different. How often do you hear people say “Break ups build bodybuilders”. I’ve been lifting for about 4 years now and the one thing that I’ve heard that many of my LONG TERM gym bros say is “Yaar, break up ke baad hee gym chalu kiya”. That’s true in my case as well. KEEP IN MIND that this video hasn’t been made keeping a specific individual in mind. Its more about how EXPERIENCING a break up can fire you to new heights. As my idol, Elliot Hulse says, in order to build something great, you need to destroy something first. In the process of destruction, through your break up, will you be able to RISE. This is the ultimate break up motivation video you’ll need. Always knew I’d make a video about this topic, as its something very close to my heart. Honestly, when I was going through a bad time, there wasn’t any break up or breakup related motivational content on YouTube that really caught my eye. I wish someone had told me then that heart break would be the best thing to ever happen to me.

Hope you guys like this fitness motivation video. This motivational speech video is going to propel you from your heartbreak to giving rise to a new YOU


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