Our TRX Group Suspension Training Course Certification



Wow! I am so happy that we decided to do the TRX Group Suspension Training Certification Course. Training others to use the TRX for true functional strength, flexibility, balance, and core stability is not something I could have taught myself by watching a YouTube video. We learned how to do and train others to maximize their body weight exercises by utilizing the TRX Training System. The benefits of Suspension Training workouts are for everyone who would like to improve their fitness safely. All of the TRX exercises activate your core; I found that out in the first 1/2 hour of our training. When we began our training today, I expected to learn how to utilize a new apparatus for training, but I did not expect to be so impressed with everything you can get out of the TRX Training. I believe I can speak for Wendy, Jolina, Jackie, Martha, Bobbi; we are excited to perfect our own movements using the TRX and to develop group training exercise programs to incorporate into our classes.