Core Exercises Abdominal Toning Ball Routine for Beginners



Core exercises Physical Therapist home workout routine from for women seeking to protect their pelvic floor with pelvic floor safe core abdominal exercises; including women with prolapse, after
hysterectomy, childbirth or prolapse surgery. Your comments & questions are most welcome!

About Core Exercises Routine

This basic core exercise routine is designed to improve the strength and tone of the lower abdominal muscles and avoid pelvic floor strain. This basic workout involves progressive seated exercise ball exercises. It works through a sequence starting with instruction in how to find and correctly activate the deep abdominal muscles and then progressively train abdominal control with a sequence of increasingly challenging core abdominal exercises.

Core Exercises Video Suitability

The core exercises in this video are designed for women looking for pelvic floor safe core exercise routines including those women seeking to:

*Strengthen abdominal core muscles
*Protect the pelvic floor (with prolapse, after prolapse surgery or after hysterectomy)
*Recover after pregnancy and childbirth
*Improve core strength for lower back and/or pelvic problems

NB Please seek your doctor’s approval before returning to general exercise after surgery

Benefits of Core Exercises for Women

*Abdominal core exercises can assist women to:
*Strengthen and tone the lower abdominal muscles
*Improve pelvic floor function
*Improve lower back and pelvic support and stability
*Improve posture
*Recover after abdominal surgery

Core Exercises Video Content

This exercise routine demonstrates how to:
*Correct your posture
*Activate your deep core abdominal muscles
*Progress through a series of seated exercise ball core exercises:
– Double arm reach
– Single arm reach
– Single knee lift

1. Correcting your Posture for Core Exercises

To correct your posture:
*Lengthen your spine
*Lift the crown of your head towards the ceiling
*Relax your shoulders back and down

2. Activate your Deep Core Abdominal Muscles

To activate your inner deep core abdominal muscles:
*Place your fingers over your lower abdominal muscles located where your briefs cover your abdomen
*Gently activate your deep abdominal muscles by drawing your lower abdominal muscles inwards towards your spine*
*Ideally you will feel your lower abdominal muscles contract gently beneath your fingers
*Breathe normally throughout
*Relax your abdominal muscles before repeating again

NB This is a very gentle activation of the abdominal muscles. Try to avoid over bracing or over contracting your abdominal muscles.

Core Progression Exercises

Progress your core exercises by adding a little more challenge to each exercise as your abdominal control and strength improve.

1. Start with seated activation of your deep core abdominal muscles. When you can maintain this exercise and breathe normally for 10 seconds progress your seated core exercises
2. Progress to double arm reaches maintaining deep core abdominal activation throughout
3. Progress to single arm reaches maintaining deep core abdominal activation throughout
4. Progress to single knee lifts maintaining deep core abdominal activation throughout

How the Progression Exercises Strengthen your Core

These core progression exercises involve moving the limbs while sitting on the exercise ball.
Moving your limbs while sitting on the exercise ball destabilises your body so that your trunk muscles (including your deep abdominal muscles) need to work to maintain your upright posture.

Take your time to work through the progression core exercises in succession. Each core exercise builds upon the previous one.

The key to successful core exercises is to learn the correct exercise technique from the outset and avoid over bracing of the abdominal muscles which can worsen pelvic floor problems.

Please feel most welcome to submit your questions and comments! Thanks for watching.