#1 Fitness Gym Louisville, Colorado for Personal Training: Meet Tricia



Personal Trainer Tricia Rich of Higher Strength Fitness in Louisville, Colorado explains what it means to be a Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Expert, Pre & Postnatal corrective exercise specialist, Core rehabilitation specialist, and Pre & Postnatal holistic health coach.

Learn all about what makes a local fitness studio in Louisville, Colorado the very best. Come visit us to learn more information at 159 S McCaslin Blvd, Louisville, Colorado, 80027 or give us a call at 303-926-8800.

Higher Strength Fitness is a Personal Training & Group Fitness Boutique Studio overlooking the picturesque Flat Irons in the heart of Boulder County in Louisville, Colorado, specializing as Boulder’s only health and wellness Fitness Coaching based around lifestyle and behavior management in the areas of Movement, Nutrition, and Regeneration.

Get ready to change your life with Higher Strength’s step-by-step approach to getting healthy & staying there for a lifetime. Our mission is to turn fitness into an empowering, injury-free experience so you can enjoy the benefits, without the fear.

With sustainable fitness as our core value, watch and learn from Higher Strength’s diverse team of personal trainers and coaches as they demonstrate an array of fitness training exercises and tips in the fields of Functional Movement, Pain Management, Russian Kettlebell Training(RKC/SFG & CK-FMS), Pregnancy Training, Martial Arts, Kettlebell Kickboxing, Nutrition and more!

At Higher Strength Fitness, our Personal Trainers and coaches look at the big picture…All fitness training performed has a foundation rooted in sustainability, science and longevity. We are dedicated to empowering people to not only get to their physical goals, but to ensure that the goal will be sustainable for a lifetime.

We are extremely proud of our work, providing our clients with a substantial amount of value that they will use for the rest of their lives, enabling them with the tools one needs to enjoy life to the fullest!

As well as being a Functional Movement Specialist, Tricia is also Higher Strength’s Pregnancy Trainer, providing women with the tools to stay connected to your body as it changes. This better prepares you for child birth, and promotes a speedy recovery, helping you to achieve your post birth goals.
Higher Strength Fitness’s Pre and Postnatal exercise method consists of diastasis recti rehabilitation and prevention, labor training, functional exercise movements and unique core techniques that will keep you strong and thriving far beyond pregnancy.

Tricia has spent the last several years immersed in education surrounding pregnancy and exercise, modifications of movement during pregnancy, specific breathing techniques and how a woman’s connection to her body during pregnancy creates endless benefits for both mom and baby. Her passion for empowering pregnant women through body awareness and movement techniques is contagious, and will leave you feeling strong, motivated, confident and prepared for your birth experience.

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