The World’s Most Nutritious Meal!



We all individually choose where we spend our food dollars, and the best choices are those that yield the most nutrition per dollar per meal, while avoiding artificial and synthetic ingredients.

As you likely already know, LivingFuel functional superfoods SuperGreens and SuperBerry Original and SuperBerry Ultimate are each designed to replace meals and your supplement regimen with top-quality superfoods, plant proteins, live enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, herbs, minerals and vitamins. LivingFuel is The Super Meal You Can Drink!

One serving of LivingFuel SuperBerry Original costs $6.66 per meal, SuperGreens is $5.66 per meal. We challenge you to find a more nutritious and powerful meal anywhere! And, of course, this meal would not include the full array of potent living nutrients you get with Living Fuel. Compare these per meal costs to the average cost of a “value meal” at a fast food restaurant ($7.99) and the cost is put in stark perspective. Nutritionally, there’s absolutely no comparison!

Enjoy your daily LivingFuel Super Meal and nourish yourself with…

More energy producing phytonutrients than five fresh organic green salads

More healthy antioxidants than five bowls of fresh vine-ripe organic berries

More body-slimming and appetite-controlling fiber than two bowls of organic oatmeal

More metabolism-boosting and body-sculpting protein than a half dozen organic egg-whites.

More bone strengthening calcium than two glasses of organic whole milk

More heart healthy potassium than two organic bananas

More stress relieving Vitamin C than eight organic oranges

More mood boosting and immune- enhancing Vitamin D than ten fillets of artic fish

More brain-building Omega-3 than two cups of organic edamame

More gut-beneficial prebiotics and probiotics than 6 cups of yogurt

More digestive enzymes than three whole organic papayas

More youth-enhancing resveratrol than four glasses of red wine

More health-promoting vitamins and minerals than a countertop full of supplements