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Spondylitis and cervical pain can be treated by consuming salaaki juice, cow’s ghee in milk, turmeric milk, 1 spoon of methi powder and chapatti made of mixed flour (wheat, barley and gram) (for BP patients also) and buttermilk with cumin seeds (jeera), turmeric powder, saunth and asafetida (heeng) in lunch every day. Do Suryanamaskaar early in the morning and prohibit stale, junk and fried food. Soak methi seeds in earthen pot to drink that water the entire day and have an apple too. Apply mustard oil on nails and navel; wash your hair using fuller-earth (multani-mitti) instead of using shampoo or soaps and in diet, adopt mixed juice of beetroot, tomato and carrot for getting rid of grey hair. Excessive sweating from feet and palm can be diminished by rubbing a slice of bottle-guard on them; by having pomegranate juice and buttermilk with cumin-seeds (jeera) and asafetida (heeng)(for reducing weigh also). Tie damp cotton cloth around your belly and cover it with a woolen cloth for half an hour. Treat motions with the intake of vedi-amrit. BP patients should consume mixed juice of 1 bitter-gourd with 2 or 3 tomatoes, ¼ spoon dalchini, ginger juice and watermelon seeds; have a drop of aak’s milk with patasha and soft leaves of blackberry (jamun) every day; walk briskly for 10 minutes before and after meal.