3 Easy Breakfast Tips for Six Pack Abs



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Good morning fitness motivation! Today, I’m gonna talk about breakfast. A lot of times we are always in a hurry, you know we’re basic people, we’ve got things to do. Everybody have time to make breakfast but now, I mean you’ve gotta school, you’ve gotta work, when do you have time to cook breakfast? You sometimes, resort to like poptart or bagel, bagel with cream cheese, that’s not gonna get you this, right here.
But you gonna make sure that you have high protein, healthy and satisfying breakfast. Today, I’m gonna talk about three ways you can do that. The first, is the whey protein isolate powder, the second is the raw vegan powder and the third my favorite all natural liquid egg whites. Here we go.
First, Weigh Protein Isolate. I love this stuff. It’s very bioavailable, you’ve got you know BCA good to me help that good uhm heal internally and also tons of protein. You scoop it up, take one scoop on a glass of water, good to go. This is my all time favorite. Isopure unflavored because it has nothing, no sucralose, no aspertame, none of those sweeteners, nothing. Just straight pure 100% protein powder. If you like any other types of protein powders, like for example this one, my roomate’s right here. I don’t actually drink this stuff but I mean this is, if you look at the ingredients it has tons of stuff on there. You can’t even find the ingredients, it’s like they’re hiding some stuff. They got sucralose, aspertame, all this artificial sweeteners that really aren’t good for you. And although there’s no sugar in there, they actually hurt your body’s digestive enzymes and makes you fatter.
If you’re vegan and don’t want whey, my all time favorite is Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Classic Protein. This stuff is delicious. It’s uhh bio-fermented rice protein, sweeten prestigious, taste really good. It’s really good for you. Pure organic, gluten free, soy free, wheat free, everything free. It’s 98.2% absorption rate. It’s very, very, very bioavailable protein free. It you take this all of you vegan, I suggest taking this one.
Recently, is I wanna put… I wanna be a lot of protein, right? But I don’t wanna be drinking all these processed goodness. Although this is good, it’s better option than other stuff that’s filled with sucralose and all those stuff. But I still like to go basics. A lot of people don’t know that, uhh raw egg whites, actually aren’t accessible to your body. If you don’t digest it properly. So, the benefit, these are pasteurized, they take it to certain temperature and killed those salmonela, all that e-coli, all that bad stuff. And you left with some delicious goodness that’s that’s just super absorbable into your body. And if you, if you drink it, it actually taste just like water. A lot of people think, it’s eeewy, yucky, eeeww, you know that all drink this like but it has same consistency as water. You drink it, slight slight milkyness to it, but it’s just delicious, super absorbable. So, you take about 8 ounces of this, pour into glass equals 5 eggs. Can you imagine eating 5 eggs? I mean, how can you cook it, then you gonna eat it and you’re running late got to work and your boss piss at you, now you just put it into glass. drink it up like 30 seconds, you’re done.
So, just a recap, my favorite ways to have a delicious healthy breakfast, one, whey protein isolate. Make sure you get the unflavored stuff and non sweetener sucrolose stuff garbage for your body. Two Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein, if you wanna stay away from wheat uuhm or if you wanna stay away from whey and my favorite liquid egg whites. Delicious, nutritious and get all to go.
Take care and I hope uuhh to see you again and may be someday you know when you follow my tips you’ll have this right here, and this right here, and this right here. (laugh) Take care fitness motivation.