My #1 Aerobic Fitness Tip ~ No BS This Really Works And So Easy



It’s important when you are having and adventure outdoors that you are in some decent physical shape. Being in good shape allows you to do more strenuous physical activities. I keep myself in pretty decent shape and today I want to share with you my #1 fitness tip that I’ve been using for years. When I work out, I mainly do aerobic activity like walking and jogging. For me, that the best exercise I can get. I want to elevate my heart rate and keep it that way as I work out. A few years ago I discovered how to cheat on my workouts and get my heart rate elevated and I get to sit on my butt while I do it. I can give my heart 2 extra miles of workout and I’m sitting down. Too good to be true? No it isn’t. Watch my video to find out how you can do this just like me.

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